PR Plan 2011/2012

After starting from scratch in January 2007, Bus and Coach World (B&CW) has grown strongly in each of the intervening years. Now employing thirty staff and occupying a 14,000 sq. ft. production facility, the company expects the final results for 2010 to show a turnover in the excess of £1 million.

However, the company is not one to rest on it’s laurels and plans are already in preparation to maintain the high rate of growth through further development of the UK bus refurbishment business and the addition of several new products and services.

To underpin this strategy, B&CW will also launch a new public relations programme in order to increase the volume of sales and other enquiries. Specifically, the programme will raise the levels of awareness of and interest in the company amongst it’s target

Customers and other potentially supportive groups.

This article will summarise the objectives, strategy and key actions of the PR plan.

1. Objectives

To raise the level of awareness of B&CW amongst the UK bus operators and other possibly supportive groups such as the local workforce, banks and government.

To help the volume of sales enquiries.

2. Strategy

With a good order book, the overall PR strategy is to focus on raising awareness and interest in B&CW within the target audiences but not to oversell or over promise.

The programme’s pace and intensity will be steady and balanced, not rushed.

Bus Operators
The focus here will be on communicating the features and benefits of the full range of
B&CW’s products and services to all of the UK’s bus operators. the message will highlight the differences of the B&CW service and it will generate interest by stressing the extra value of B&CW’s unique combination of in-depth experience, guaranteed quality, excellent service and outstanding value for money.

Local Banks, Government, Colleges & Workforce
These groups have potential to help the company’s growth from time to time by the provision of funding, grants, publicity and employees. The communication will focus on the success of a local, father and son Blackburn company, it’s growing reputation for quality and service, the growing job and career opportunities and the excellent working conditions.

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